News on Choi Tae Joon and Im Yoona on 2018.09.15

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Hello friends, this good thing is benefiting with your dirty company According to the sources, the person was married at the ceremony, according to the date of 2018.09.15, which is yesterday. With the false confirmation that they themselves and their nonsense company are spreading everywhere, this man must also be present with all the girls. This dude is dirty animal with his dirty company. Interestingly, there are no sources that seem to be newsworthy about the channel of prostitution of this person.

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مسئولیت محتوای ویدئوها و هرگونه پاسخگویی به ادعاهای مطروحه توسط اشخاص حقیقی و حقوقی با منتشر کننده است و ویدوفا هیچگونه مسئولیتی نسبت به آن ندارد.